System For Award Management: 5 Fast Facts

If you want to bid on government contractor jobs, one of your first steps will be to complete your System for Award Management (SAM) registration. There are thousands of jobs available, but without SAM, you won’t be able to take advantage of these opportunities. Read through our helpful list of fast SAM facts, and then give us a call and let us help you with the lengthy registration process.

1. SAM Registration Is Your Only Path To Government Contracting
If you don’t complete System for Award Management registration, you will not be eligible to bid on any government contracts. Likewise, if your SAM registration expires, you also will be ineligible to bid on contracts. Fortunately, once you complete this process, you will be ready to go, and free to bid on an assortment of contracts from agencies such as FEMA, Department of Defense and more.

2. Recruiters Often Use SAM
You might be surprised to learn that sometimes you don’t have to seek the government jobs; they find their way to you. While you have to complete System for Award Management registration so that you can bid on government contracts, it’s also a tool that many federal agencies (and even state and local agencies) use to find contractors. In fact, sometimes government contractors will use SAM to find subcontractors, as well. SAM is an excellent recruitment tool, as well as a way for you to discover opportunities.

3. Many Agencies Are Hiring Now
Depending on the type of business you own or the services you provide, there are always government agencies that need your help. For instance, with the recent California wildfires as well as the many severe hurricanes in 2017, clean-up crews and construction companies are in high demand from agencies such as FEMA. Other agencies that often need contractors include the Department of Energy, the Navy Electronic Commerce, the Defense Logistics Agency and more. Once you’ve completed System for Award Management registration, you can head to websites such as to search for contracting opportunities worth $25,000 or more.

4. SAM Registration Takes Time
While the government does not charge for System for Award Management registration, we receive calls every day from people completely frustrated by the registration process. Many people actually get about 20% of the way through registration, become frustrated, and thus aren’t able to take advantage of many profitable job offers. It takes many hours, as many 15 hours in fact, to complete SAM registration, and you simply may find that you don’t really have extra time to devote to the registration process. Government contracting is profitable, and we can help. Rather than spending several of your valuable working days struggling with complicated government procedures, let the team at Federal Contractor Registry complete this task for you.

5. Gather Some Info & Give Us A Call
To get started, we need a few pieces of information. This includes providing us with your federal taxpayer identification number (which should appear on any of your previous tax forms) and your DUNS number. If you do not yet have a DUNS number, simply head to the Dunn & Bradstreet website and apply for one. It’s free, and a very quick process, taking just a few minutes to complete. It can take 24 to 48 hours, to receive this number, once you have applied. Once you have this information, either give us a call or fill out our quick contact form today and a representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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